Business tips from a large company

April 5, 2011

Lately we’ve compiled some social media and customer service tips from very large brands. In a recent Twitter conversation with Chrysler Corporation, for example, advice was given by Chrysler’s Editorial Director of Online Media, Mike Driehorst. He was asked to give some advice for using Twitter to connect with customers and fans. He said, simply, “Listen to your customers. Respond.” Twitter is a great vehicle for that type of usage, even if you’re a small independent business. It can be a fantastic tool to use for customer service success; Mike gave the example of an angry customer talking about her bad experiences with her Chrysler vehicle on Twitter. The company’s social media team saw that, and reached out and contacted her directly to resolve her issues. She left a very happy customer, with renewed faith in the company.

It pays to listen; customers are talking about your business in all kinds of places, and you need to be able to keep an ear to the ground. Google your name, read the reviews of your company on Yelp, get a Twitter account and search for yourself. You’ll be able to connect with customers and engage in the conversation.

Sometimes the simplest advice is the best, and it helps to be reminded: Listen to your customers. Respond.

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