Downsizing doesn’t always mean cutting your workforce

January 28, 2011

In a somewhat refreshing twist, NJBiz is reporting that some companies are downsizing in a way that doesn’t get rid of jobs: by moving into smaller offices.

One example they listed was Kanebridge Corp. Two years ago they installed an IP-based phone system that allowed any employee to answer the phone from anywhere. This meant that CSRs and administrative staff could work from home, thus requiring less office space. Less office space = smaller building = cost savings. No need to lay off anyone.

Whereas on a typical day before the change they would have 40 people in-house, now they routinely have around 8 people in the building.

It’s a sign of the changing times. Physical space and mega office complexes aren’t required to be successful in business anymore. They’re really only institutions from another time.

The full article is available at NJBiz.

What could your workplace do to cut costs without getting rid of jobs?

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