Denmark, Canada, U.S. top countries to start a business

November 17, 2010

Denmark is apparently the best place to start a business, but the U.S. doesn’t do shabbily either, ranking third.

The Wall Street Journal recently took a look at a number of studies about launching businesses around the world, and found that Peru has the most women launching businesses, the Netherlands is the most expensive, and Suriname takes the longest time to get through government red tape.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The numbers, drawn from a host of recent surveys, show a world that’s brimming with start-up activity, as people from Ireland to Eritrea try to navigate a terrible economy by striking out on their own. But the surveys also show that many countries could do a lot more to accommodate entrepreneurs.

The studies found that governments in the developing world have higher costs and more procedures. But many countries are making progress — Samoa, for example, was singled out for making recent strides to become more business-friendly.

In specific areas of business, Israel was found to provide the most venture capital, and men were more likely to start a business except for early-stage businesses in Japan, Peru, and Brazil, where the stat was tied. Richer countries tend to support businesses that cater to other businesses, and businesses in less affluent countries tend to cater to consumers.

I’m sure most small-business owners have a horror story or two to tell about getting their venture off the ground, but (hopefully) rare is the situation where it takes an average of 694 days to launch, as in Suriname. In your own international travels, have you noticed anything different about how other small businesses operate?

Image courtesy of Katey Nicosia via Flickr
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One Response to Denmark, Canada, U.S. top countries to start a business

  1. Sarah James on November 19, 2010 at 8:21 am

    This must be a joke. When you start a business the first thing you look at is Tax and labour and these two costs are extremely high in Denmark so how on earth is it a great place to start a business. No wonder everyone is going there huh????

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