Is it time to hunker down or party it up?

November 16, 2010

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the holidays… they are a comin’. And holidays mean office parties… or do they?

End of the year celebrations have become much more controversial in the wake of mass layoffs, cutbacks and penny-pinching. The Star-Ledger posed the question in a recent article: Is the holiday party still an acceptable reward for workers in an environment of pay cuts and layoffs?

The publication quoted a survey conducted in late summer by the Creative Group staffing service, in which about 52 percent of advertising and marketing executives said an office shindig is still a good investment.

“Companies may not be having something as elaborate as they’ve had in the past,” said Tracy Emken, an account executive with the Creative Group in West Windsor, “but most companies are recognizing that their employees have worked hard and they want to reward them.”

About a quarter of the 500 interviewed disagreed with the idea of a holiday party in general and the same amount said they no longer organize celebrations at all.

So we wanna know what you guys think: Is it a bit Grinch-like to forgo the holiday festivities? Or is it simply respectful to keep things low key this year?

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