Holiday parties still seen as good business investments

November 15, 2010

The office holiday party: If you’re lucky, it’s a fun time to kick back with your coworkers and celebrate the season. Not so lucky, and you might be forced to listen to your boss’ lame jokes and keep a smile on your face when you discover your annual bonus is a little on the lighter side.

And as more businesses are making cuts and laying off employees, is it even appropriate to have an office party?

A Star-Ledger story refers to a survey that found most advertising and marketing executives still feel a party is a good idea, even if they do have to limit the festivities a bit.

Nearly a quarter of (executives), or about 24 percent, disagreed about the value of hosting a holiday bash and an equal number of executives said their firms no longer organized holiday celebrations. The survey, which was based on 500 interviews with random marketing and advertising executives, did not ask whether recent layoffs and salary cuts would dissuade them from spending money to spread holiday cheer among the remaining employees.

The survey also found that most employees attend a part to socialize, not because they feel obligated to go.

What does your office do? In the office parties I’ve attended in the past, it seems ones with socializing and games are the most fun, not when people are forced to mingle against their will. What would make a good office party?

Image courtesy of avlxyz via Flickr
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