New Jersey Chamber of Commerce seeks new president

November 9, 2010

Do you have what it takes? The Trenton-based New Jersey Chamber of Commerce is seeking a new leader for its organization.

The Chamber is looking for a president who can guide the organization through its 100th anniversary next year and also foster a pro-business climate in New Jersey. Qualified candidates will have 10 years of business or association leadership experience, high energy, enthusiasm and a “deep commitment to advancing the business environment in the state.”

This person will be responsible for many different facets of the Chamber, including, but not limited to:


  • Maintaining a defined level of annual membership sales, member upgrades, and sponsorships, with an emphasis on the state’s largest corporations and most prestigious business leaders.
  • Working with business development/sales staff to ensure membership sales to middle and small companies, and various events; generating targeted revenues; reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities and events.
  • Performing the duties consistent with a head lobbyist for the Chamber advocating for business issues; building relationships with the governor and cabinet members, elected and appointed officials in counties and municipalities, and with legislators and legislative staffers; delivering testimony as required.
  • Working with Board members and staff to select, recruit and train Board members; promoting a culture of professionalism among Board members; securing an acceptable level of organizational support from board members; requiring board members to adhere to an established code of conduct.
  • Interacting with other personnel and organizations, including associations and nonprofits, large and small corporations, business leaders, and the press.
  • Leading the development of short and long‐term organizational goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures for operations.
  • Establishing plans to achieve goals set by the Board of Directors and implements policies, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Overseeing all accounting functions, including those necessary for auditing, budgeting, financial analyses, capital asset and property management, and payroll in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, board policies and procedures, and all other applicable rules and guidelines.
  • Maintaining and supporting various subcommittees of the Board, such as an ethics committee and a nominating committee.
  • Working with the nominating committee and business development/sales staff to ensure diversity on the Chamber Board and in Chamber membership.
  • Promoting a culture of professionalism among staff; ensuring that all staff members are provided with appropriate support systems and responsive human resource functions.
  • Ensuring that all aspects of human resource management are in place, including but not limited to hiring and termination, developing position descriptions, setting compensation, and applying board‐approved employee policies and benefits in accordance with federal and state requirements.
  • Supervising senior staff members/heads of various departments within the organization.
  • Analyzing and evaluating vendor services, particularly for insurance, employee benefits and management of funds, to determine programs and providers that best meet the needs of the Chamber and its employees, and makes recommendations to the Board, as appropriate; negotiates services, terms and premiums and executes contracts with benefit plan providers, supply and service vendors, and auditors and consultants; oversees payroll and benefits programs.
  • Assuming responsibility for contracts management; coordinating with financial and legal advisers to finalize agreement terms; monitors progress of contracts with documentation and ensures fulfillment of agreement terms.

For more information about the opening or to submit an application, call the Chamber at 609-989-7888.

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