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November 1, 2010

Do you often receive recognition for a job well done at your job? If your answer is a confident no, the sad news is you’re not alone.

According to a report in The Star-Ledger, Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, book authors and conductors of training programs on the power of recognition and team-building, studied employees at U.S. organizations over the course of a decade.

They discovered:

  • 79 percent of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving.
  • 65 percent of North Americans report they didn’t receive recognition at all in the previous year.

But enough with the bad news — what can managers and leaders do with this information? Gostick and Elton recommend the following:

Day to day recognition: The least-costly option, these are simple things like handwritten notes and award certificates. Highlight the small victories, and you’ll start to notice a big difference.

Above-and-beyond recognition: Recommended about every two years, these are specific awards for meeting sales goals, providing exceptional customer service, etc.

Career recognition: It is recommended that employees be highlighted for milestones such as when they join the firm, on their one-year anniversary, at the three-year mark, at the five-year mark, and so on.

So did any of this information strike a chord with you? Are there employee recognition initiatives in place at your company that you could share with the group?

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