New Jersey businesses embrace QR codes

October 26, 2010

We’re used to barcodes; we’ve seen them for years. We’ve watched super market check out attendants scan our groceries, and even scanned them ourselves.

But what about QR codes? Newer to the scene, and perhaps more important to your business than you imagined when you first saw the video game jumble of dots and squares, these two-dimensional codes hold information like URLs, email addresses and more.

The information stored in them is easily accessible with a smart phone. You could create a QR code including information about your business, such as a map featuring the location, a virtual business card or a flyer giving information about an upcoming class or event. QR codes can be featured anywhere, too, so there are no limits.

Michael Giaimo of New Jersey-based Inspira Web Design just penned a great post describing QR codes and how to get one:

It’s very easy. There are websites which generate them and allow you to save the QR code as an image. From there, you can put them anywhere you like. Kaywa is a very popular site, along with ZXing. Just make sure you test it out first – you’ll be fine if you stick with one of the links I just gave you, but I’ve heard about some less-than-honorable sites generating bogus QR codes that directed people to, let’s say, unintended online destinations.

Do you think you’ll venture into QR code territory? Why or why not? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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