Small business owners may lean Republican in vote

October 25, 2010

Small business owners are expected to lean Republican in next month’s midterm elections, according to a new study, scheduled to be released today. This represents a growing number of people not content with the status quo.

The Star-Ledger is reporting that 51 percent of small businesses across the nation said a Republican-controlled Congress would be a better one — compared to 37 percent who said Democrat and 12 percent who are unsure. This information is based on the Discover Small Business Watch for October.

Forty-five percent of people polled feel Republicans better understand the needs of small businesses, while 30 percent said Democrat and 20 percent chose neither. Five percent were unsure.

“It’s not traditionally a very political group,” Jon Drummond, spokesman for the study, told The Star-Ledger. “These people are economically frustrated, so they’re not so much leaning toward Republican as they are toward change.”

Optimism appears to be growing among small businesses, according to the report. The Small Business Watch’s index rose to 84.2 for October, up 10.4 points from last month and experiencing the biggest gain since April.

The study was conducted by Rasmussen Reports, which polled 750 small-business owners with fewer than five employees between Oct. 10-12.

But we want to hear from you guys, specifically, the small business owners. Does this report reflect your point of view? Will a Republican-controlled Congress really spell relief for small business?

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