Success in business lies in learning from others

September 30, 2010

We’ve all worked with this person. They’re the go-getter, the person who always knocks their projects out of the park, and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. Or maybe you’re that person.

Mark Schnurman in The Star-Ledger argues that the key to success lies in embracing wisdom. Some people become successful at the expense of others, but most do it by learning from those around them.

Schnurman says:

“I have worked with a lot of very smart people. I worked with fewer wise ones. The wise ones understand the limits of their knowledge and skills and don’t project them into other areas. They rely on the expertise of their colleagues.”

He offers a few tips that will bring you success but also valuable workplace relationships:

Feedback, feedback, feedback. Talk to your supervisors, peers, subordinates, clients or other stakeholders to learn more about yourself and how you’re perceived.

Listen to people with different viewpoints. Brainstorming sessions allow ideas to be thought-out and perfected. It’s especially important to be open-minded outside of your expertise.

Prioritize consensus. This is a give and take, but if you share the decision-making process, you will improve support and productivity.

This all sounds like great advice, right? To read the rest of Schnurman’s tips, read his recent column in The Star-Ledger.

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