New Jersey could benefit from online grocer’s expansion

September 28, 2010

Online grocer FreshDirect is planning to expand it’s presence beyond its New York base, and New Jersey residents could stand to benefit from the move.

The company, which according to an article in today’s, began delivering groceries to customers 8 years ago is adding another 29 communities to its service area as soon as Oct. 4. Parts of New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and Washington D.C., will eventually receive service as a result of expansion plans. By expanding into suburban areas – where there tend to be more families – there is more opportunity. It’s a great example of customer service at work.

According to the article:

FreshDirect CEO Rick Braddock said the expansion makes fiscal sense in part because the new territories can be served out of FreshDirect’s lone warehouse in Long Island City, N.Y.

“They’re relatively contiguous, and they’ve got good demographics for us, so we’ll continue to expand out — and that’s a logical starting point,” he said. . .

Braddock said it’s nice to be creating jobs in an economic downturn — the company currently has nearly 2,000 employees — but added in the $11 trillion grocery category, even a recession shouldn’t be cause for dormancy.

“When we’re in the size of category we’re in, we can’t use economic trends as an excuse for our performance — and it hasn’t been,” he said. “It really is not important in the way we are thinking about our expansion.”

As a business owner, what would it take for you to grow your company and expand into new markets? What factors are you putting into place to get your business to that point?

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