Reward customer referrals to improve customer service

September 22, 2010

Note: This is the final article in a series of six articles about improving your business’ customer service.

In the last installment of this series, we talked about making customers feel important. Every interaction a customer has with you should be less like a transaction and more like a conversation — a brief social moment that is uniquely theirs. Today, we shift to rewarding customer referrals.

As we’ve mentioned previously, customers are one of the greatest weapons in your marketing arsenal. Their word-of-mouth recommendations can make or break you in terms of acquiring new clients and growing your business.

Social media has made the consumer even more powerful, allowing them to broadcast both positive and negative messages about your company to literally thousands of people. Just one more reason to keep track of what’s being said about you online, but we’ll save that for a later post.

If an existing customer introduces a new customer to you via a referral, reward them with a kind gesture. Whether it’s a discount on their next purchase with you or something as simple as a thank you card, it sends a signal to that person that you value their business and appreciate their effort.

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